April 2017 to present



representation: representation in Brazil

ak Engenharia e Projetos represents PNEUMOFORE– with 50 employees – who develops the rotary vane design in the production of industrial air compressors, vacuum pumps, furnaces and blowers.




January 2017 to present

LWN Lufttechnik GmbH


representation: representation in LATAM

ak Engenharia e Projetos represents LWN – now with 60 employees – who is working with the German and international container and flat glass industries to develop intelligent solutions, which raise product quality for clients, increase the service life of systems and save energy. Offering reliability, comprehensive service skills, product, and technological innovation.




July 2016 to December 2016

HEYE International


consultant: troubleshooting

ak Engenharia e Projetos supplied consultant service for troubleshooting, warranty issues as well as technical and administrative services.




July 2016 - August 2016

Österreichisches Olympisches Comité


resource management: Supporting Crew

ak Engenharia e Projetos supplied manpower and services for the Austrian Olympic committee to assist with the preparation of the Austrian Welcome center as well with deficiencies at the apartments of the athletes.




February 2016 to June 2016

HEYE International


resource management: Quality Supervisor

ak Engenharia e Projetos supplied a quality supervisor to assist the client with production and quality issues as well as to optimize inspection process.




April 2015 to June 2016

HEYE International


Site Management @ AMBEV Vidros - Rio de Janeiro

Site management for IS machine installation for the hot end glass container fabrication at AMBEV Vidros in Rio de Janeiro. HEYE International, based in Germany is one of the foremost suppliers of production technology, high performance equipment and know-how for the container glass industry worldwide.


The site management includes but is not limited to:

• planning (tendering process for the installation contract; level 3 schedule; manhour estimation; s-curve; risk log; execution plan; …)

• execution (liaising with client, staff and different subcontractors; installation; commissioning; ...)

• monitoring (progress evaluation; risk and change management; forecast; ..) and

• close-out of Project (test reports; as built documentation; risk and commercial close-out; ...)




May 2015

IMPACTO Constructora


resource management: purchasing coordinator

ak Engenharia e Projetos supplied a purchasing coordinator to assist the client with the initial purchases for a new project as well as to optimize the purchase process.




Jan 2015 to April 2015

GLG Gerson Lehrman Group


Council Member

GLG is a professional learning platform which pairs professional with Council members - more than 400,000 leading experts - thousands of times a week and around the world, to teach and learn from one another.




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